Hello WaterCare Volunteers!

The World is Hungry Because We are Thirsty: Greeting from the  organizers of the Bonaqua Water Day Kids Event, an extension of World Water Day 2012 Activities held in Hulhumale Children’s Park near HDC on 6th April 2012 @16:00-18:00.

Every day is a Water Day for those of us at WaterCare. The water voice of the young girl  still ringing clear in our  ears on the importance of  economizing and protecting water for health, let us thank the Officials and volunteers who made it happen.

Our Volunteer team of Officials (Aru, Nishama, Jenny, Shamun, Humaid) were terrific. WAAOW! They pulled  together. Thanks Lai for your invaluable support and Guidance.

Fathun, Zak and Rasma and team,  you were wonderful! For the Children and their parents, thanks for coming. We hope that you enjoyed the WWD Kids Activities and learned about water security as well.

A pleasant surprise when Mody dropped by  adding  a final touch with  the entertainment of his Beat box art  needed to electrify the kids who had energy to spent, ready for a bit of  voice box teasing. Mody’s powerful voice, often  singing, at times imitating a full rock band with intermittent sound of machine gun and sniper fire, to the delight of young electronic gamers in the gathering who had a few  acts up their sleeves to show, as well

In the mean time some of the other  kids went on with  water games:  water foot print quiz, solving the water security jigsaw puzzle with  face painting for the younger, against the back drop of the  art work of “children give water a voice ” international art competition (for which students  participation was manged by WaterCare  on the occasion of  world water day 2011)  and photos of student participants who took part in the Water Integrity Photo Contest arranged by Water Integrity Network, an International NGO based in Stockholm  for world water day 2011. We do not have words to thank EDC and Soodha, in particular for  support and guidance for participating in the international water integrity art and photo competitions. Last but not lease we thank  Bonaqua for selecting Water Care to organise this event to mark the World Water Day this year.

When the  function ended at 18:00. the kids left for home with their families taking with them  knowledge which   hopefully will enrich their  lives for water is a human right; and we depend on our youth and children to facilitate water safety for generations to come.




by:  WaterCare working for water integrity advocating this years WWD  theme  “water for food security”; the world is hungry because we are thirsty”.