Corruption in India and Anna Hazare Movement


A new word has been added to our country’s people’s vocabulary – “Corruption”. Until recently it was said that “Indians care only about 2 things: Cricket and Movies”, now there is a third one “Corruption”, thanks to Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption movement and the media coverage it acquired.

Wikipedia defines corruption, in philosophical terms as “spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal”. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law. But the type of corruption which Anna’s campaign is against and popular among the masses is “Political and administrative Corruption”, which is again defined in the Wikipedia as “the abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government officials for personal gain, e.g. by extortion, soliciting or offering bribes”. Though many of us commit the first type of corruption i.e “Philosophical Corruption”, we often ignore…

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Author: watercaremaldives

Water care is a non profit organization registered in Maldives to increase community awareness on protection and sustainable management of water resources, assist provision of safe and adequate water supply and sanitation services to island communities. research and development for water security.

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