Corruption is set to become one of the defining political issues of the 21st century


The Corruption Pandemic

Corruption has played a pivotal role in determining the current state of the world – from mass poverty in developing countries, to the destruction of natural resources and to the erosion of trust in political parties. Laurence Cockcroft here argues that corruption has to be seen as the result of the interplay between elite ’embedded networks’, greed and organised crime.  He shows how the growth of corruption has been facilitated by globalization, the integration of new and expanding markets into the world economy, and by the rapid expansion of  ‘offshore’ financial facilities. These facilities provide a home to largely unregulated pools of finance derived from personal fortunes, organised crime and pricing malpractice in international trade. By identifying the main drivers of corruption world-wide and analyzing the current action to control them, this study suggests ways in which the problems caused by corruption can be addressed and ultimately…

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Author: watercaremaldives

Water care is a non profit organization registered in Maldives to increase community awareness on protection and sustainable management of water resources, assist provision of safe and adequate water supply and sanitation services to island communities. research and development for water security.

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